One Dot Zero Review

Equally impressive was local boy Alex Robinson’s film London. His world is grey but never dull, while the camerawork is a dizzying blur of swoops and fades. Narrated by William Blake’s poem of the same title, a suited businessman takes a lonely tube ride to oblivion, while demons swarm around him. Ominous and disturbing, it gets under the skin of alienated city life. Robinson spoke before the screening about how much he loves London, but you wouldn’t know it from watching.”


Sherbet Christmas card

Sherbet Christmas card created at Treat studios

Festive Treat

Festive Treat from Treat on Vimeo.

Our Animated Christmas card from Treat Studios.

London | 3 min animation

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The film is a modern interpretation of William Blake's "London" a poem as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. Each line of the poem inspires a futuristic yet gritty parallel of Blake’s London. The film endeavors to visualize how Blake may have envisioned the London of our times and by doing so draws upon uncanny and un-nerving similarities.

Getting to know Paperdex| Treat Studios | Reduction Festival

Getting to know: Paperdex from Treat on Vimeo.

Reduction Festival, We Created a 1 week animation, Using a subject picked at random, Our chosen subject was 'Business Cards= Trees' This animation was produced as part of our collective at Treat Studios

Charleston Grill Commercials

Two 15 sec Tv Commercials| Director | Animator

" Click Here" Charleston  Grill Commercials 

London Sinfonietta| Composer Messiah| 1 min Animation

This was an animation we created using only light. The animation was inspired by Composer Messiah synisthesia which is a rare condition that effects your seances, in his case, when he heard a sound he saw a colour. The animation was exhibited at Royal Festival Hall as part of the London Sinfonietta.

The Mirror| 30 sec Animation

Book Cover Art Work| Mulky

Illustration| Fight Club

Vodafone Mobile Content Branding| Freelance Graphic Design

Funk Sexy Cool

Sleeping with Big Al

Channel 4 Documentary| Viral 

Album Art work for "Black Lines"